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A distinctive aspect of our charitable non-profit organization is that we sought to provide only programs, services, resources, and information not already available from other sources. You find story of our trail across the world of Autism intervention programming in the links below:

1991 to 1995  Step-Up™ Foundational Program for Young Children with Autism.

1995 to 2006 Open Door School™ Private Parent Cooperative for Home Programmers

1998 to 2012 Windows of Opportunity™ Making Careers Out of Entry Level Jobs

1996 to 2017 A.D.A.P.T. Training and Home Programming Peer Mentoring Groups Locally and L.E.A.P online support services for provider training and public information globally.

Our last program alum, whose family began during his infancy, reached the age of 18 in March of 2017, and we ended our mission of direct programs and services at that time. See our path ahead for how we are going to continue to pursue our Understanding Autism mission in 2018.