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The Understanding Autism Organization has been providing Autism information, services, programs, and training as a charitable non profit corporation since 1992, under our founding name "THRESHOLD." Upon our twentieth anniversary, in 2012, we changed our name and created a new corporate identity.

In 2013 we began the work to redesign our web page as an Autism information brokerage. In 2014 we will begin to expand our social network profile as well. Because of both greater problems and more progress made in the Autism community we will be continuing our tradition of adapting our mission to offer what is needed, yet not already provided by other organizations. Therefore, this complimentary web page design from our web server Hostway, is a placeholder for what is to come next. Stay tuned for more previews of coming attractions, information updates, and event announcements during this transitional time.

In the meantime, if you wish to inquire about our our new online L>E>A>P™ Autism Orientation platform or our upcoming local C-A-L-M™ Parent Education trainings across the Pacific Northwest region of the US you can reach our director Dr. Sharone Lee at by e-mail at: sharone@understandingautism.org in order to make an appointment for a phone or web-based face to face meeting.