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The Understanding Autism Organization____________________________________

A Charitable Social Service Provider to the Autism Community in Oregon, Founded 1992*

Dr. Sharone Lee,
Executive Director

NPO Corporate Mailing Address:

THRESHOLD/The Understanding Autism Organization
POB 5284
Salem, Oregon 97304

Physical addresses of our NPO offices on file with the states of Oregon and Washington are not listed as points of contact online in order to protect the security and privacy of our organizational volunteers and field research participants with and without Autism.

(*Formerly THRESHOLD 1992-2012, still our DBA in Oregon for previous mission ID uses)


Alternative Autism Information & Social Media Resources Project / Portland, Oregon

Email: understandautism@icloud.net

Phone: 503-375-9462 (Since 1992)

We do not take calls or return voice mail messages without your caller ID and number visible. In that case, please use secure email above to book a call appointment.

This number is for 1) corporate business, 2) our online Autism info/media development project, and 3) our former Program and Training Grads (1992-2012) across the PNW (OR/WA/ID/CA) to reach our Alum Connect in Oregon to request any follow-up consultation. No longer for 4) live LEAP Autism information services by phone for the general public and Autism community, which are no longer covered by our NPO liability insurance policies.

Please know is best to email us to make phone appointments if you need assistance on other matters. We are no longer taking new program
enrollments or service clients due to our work to provide alternative Autism information and adaptive resources via social media.


Model Site Development & Autism Materials Lab Research Project / Blaine, WA

Email: understandautism@comcast.net

Phone: 360-543-3697 (Est. 2016)

Please this number is only for use by ongoing model site development project participants.
Our project in Blaine is located in a private office not open for public visits until the new
site opens--scheduled for 2021. Please use our main mission mailing address in Oregon.