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When federal and state mandates moved the comprehensive medical-mental health-therapeutic-educational program resources that we accessed to provide Step-Up™ a 40 hours a week 40 weeks per year from private providers to the public schools in 1995, we adapted. We developed our Open Door School™ Autism Program Cooperative run by parent-professionals who had been staff at Step-Up. To continue to provide a private school alternative began to train other old and new parents who wanted that option, in the best cognitive-developmental practices that had been so successful at Step-Up™--and at a fraction of the cost. We had always served the more severe end of the Autism spectrum for families facing additional health, fiscal, cultural, and personal challenges in addition to Autism, but this new program attracted many parents with more mild Autism too. Yet, in line with our purpose of Step-Up, most of our family teams became able to either return to school more fully included following our model or choose to continue in our ADAPT™ home program provider training and peer mentor groups.