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As our Step Up and Open Door Student Alums aged into adolescents and adulthood, the demographic shift in Oregon's burgeoning Autism population from a majority of severely impacted students to a majority of more mild Autism and Asperger's. So while the public system focused on how to transition more verbal students to successful vocational-educational--community-recreational settings, we stayed focused on innovations in resource supports for less and non-verbal people with Autism and their parent and professional program providers.

Open Door School was still running in the mornings at our model residential school site when we opened our Windows of Opportunity training center for our first alum to enter adolescence. This program met individual students needs but also began our work to open our model site to other programs and agencies serving more significantly impacted adolescents and adults with Autism. We provided provider training and transitional program consulting to thousands of providers around the PNW and for the closure of Fairview Training Center and hundreds of its staff and residents.  We also provided program start up consulting to Walgreens for their model plant site in South Carolina to open employment opportunities to hundreds of people on the Autism Spectrum from entry level jobs in recycling up through positions at the executive level. While we never sought to grow into a big organization our outreach locally and globally matured along with the students in our small model programs, just by sharing their success using best Autism practices.