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After Step-Up closed at the end of May 1995, we were asked to provide professional provider training resources for the very same public school agencies that had just taken over and away all our funding sources. We did so, because we might help our students who were now transitioning to their programs in the fall after we closed Step-Up. Requests for our training services around the state of Oregon and beyond in Washington, Idaho, Northern California, and British Columbia spread, as the news of what we had accomplished using best developmental Autism practices spread. Through Sharone's applied research projects and organizational fieldwork from 1997 to 2008, we were able to provide a comprehensive system of basic, intermediate, and advancing Autism training with follow up local and online consultation services for our professional and parent alum working across our work, school, community and home programs continuing until 2017.

As we developed initial Autism orientation materials for new parents in collaboration with the Autism Society of Oregon, we published an amassed base of helpful questions and answers that came up at the beginning of trainings--as an orientation resource to help the general public and to help all Autism training enrollees be better prepared for that journey. Because this orientation information could be very impact-full for newly diagnosed parents and families in crisis we provided a 24/7 LEAP (Learn-Explore-Access-Practice) Autism support line, which also still serves our alum to date. We are not undertaking new calendar events until our online and site goals are met.