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Over the years, our mission trail to provide best developmental Autism practices research, service, program, and training resources lead our older children with more severe Autism to become mature and socially motivated enough to serve as peer guides to the next generation and their parents. As program alum they were even more eager and skilled in their roles as demonstration assistants in our professional provider trainings. Seeing our first Step Up students join our volunteer ranks to help us train people with and without Autism truly closed the circle of our original mission vision. They had come to us as infants with profound Autism and secondary developmental conditions twenty years before. As adults they were now working along side us to reach our same bridge building goals working with other students and teachers as leaders. It was not a cure that they sought from us--it was the belonging of real competency that let them participate in good works of importance. That is where they had guided us--onto a path of mutual development where we had the privilege to walk with them.  In addition, their parents and providers that we trained found great meaning and value in learning to be parent and peer mentors to new providers and families in our organization and out in the community. This rare revealed truth brought us to a core question for any small adaptive all volunteer charitable non-profit whose members must work and live together in profound loss and what is still relative adaptive resource poverty: "How can we share what we learn from our work and play together to help others in need?"

< See Latest News about how we began to make the shift away from direct program mission of 1991 to cooperative programs and peer training services mission of 2001, onto a mainly research and practical resources lab oriented mission of 2011 to present. This shift increased our reach to help members of the Autism community achieve our same positive program outcomes by sharing we successfully combined best developmental training models to create a mutually adaptive meta-model for life long learning together. As we completed all our past field research projects in 2013 we also realized that we already had developed a wonderful base of practice resources that we could capture in visual archival form to provide it to the public online so that all Autism community members could access it regardless of all our financial means. We could complete that media project work once we moved to get into stable long term operation sites working with volunteers from organizations that seek to provide technical and media help to charitable organizations serving families in loss. We are approaching that fourth decade glide path, as we complete our journey in loss to achieve or adapt our current ten year mission goals timely by 2021.

Along the way, we began to wonder if we should carefully avoid or caringly join the world of social media in new and innovative ways to foster our mission progress more quickly. We have decided to "caringfully", and that means gradually and soberly, make that leap--as we know so many of our Autism community members of this and future generations will be able to find us there. These new available technological outreach ports might well be the most affordable way to carry on our tradition of filling the gaps in other ways of knowing, doing, being, and making our way forward in relation to the mutual impacts of Autism in a world that does not provide the specific best practices resources that are technically well-matched to us. But it will be risky, given the structural loss of humane civility and organizational norms that social media has brought on for all of us with and without Autism. We are exploring that real possibility in the face of what often seem like impossible obstacles for those of us in profound loss and at serious risks of harm that always accompany us on this long journey in relation to the realities of Autism.

In 2018, two big 2012-2021 ten year mission plan goals must be completed before we make this next huge leap of faith in good works yielding positive ends by putting it all out there:

First we are going to translate the research work of the last quarter century into new online resources that will include the update and relaunch of our web matrix map of information about Autism with a radical new focus. Our last home page matrix focused on usual fact-based information grounded in scientific research on Autism and developmental models of practice. Over the years, we applied and shared this knowledge and supported other non-profits in their work to do the same locally and globally. Now those organizations (The Autism Research Institute, The Autism Society of Oregon/America, and Autism Speaks) are meeting that need. Therefore, in our new website, we will follow our long-held mission vision of providing alternative resources not already provided by other sources. So while we will provide links to those allied sources for visitors to our web site, our information will arise from the social studies of Autism and its difficult and progressing history of inquiry into both well-established scientific and quantitative and emergence social and qualitative realities of Autism and its mutual impacts on people with and without Autism as we walk this path of life long learning together. A central online resource for this kind of Autism information base does not currently exist and that makes it a good match for our mission to provide alternative resources. More, in the face of the recent and largest mass shootings in American history all being linked to a lack of life spanning identification of mutual risks harm when critical  gaps in Autism information and resources exist. This lack of a more family-centered, system-reorienting, community-based, person-focused approach to the mutual impacts of Autism represents mutually great risks of harm now and italways has in history. More available adaptive Autism parenting, comprehensive Autism training systems that seamlessly span initial orientation to basic, intermediate, and advancing Autism information, early to elder best Autism practice programming, and well-matched functional resources based on family choice for their children. Within that vision it is clear that we are in great need of better mutual understanding between people with and without Autism.

Our future NPO mission work, will then reach out to and for the vast majority of us living and working in loss in peace-able ways together. It will be meant to heard as a voice for (Not The Voice of) positive change that can make us all safer and freer. <Our Path Ahead: fill gaps in <other ways of knowing Autism by doing <open source information systems design and production while being in ethical <able allyship to the Autism community through making our huge base of adaptive visual <resource stores available to the world in perpetuity, to order to better realize the fullest public benefit of our 25 years of charitable activities. This is not only possible--it is very doable for our volunteers.

Second, we will pursue plans to develop, locate, and build a more modest best Autism practices model site that is adaptive, sustainable, green, and focused on creative endeavors of people with and without Autism living and working together. Our lab research space within this new site will then be view-able online to share how to achieve this, our final mission vision, globally. Based on our past works to survive in loss in ways that let us all thrive this is also a doable thing. If you have stable charitable support or ethical technical help to offer do <Contact Us