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The Understanding Autism Organization

Our Charitable Nonprofit Mission Statement:

The scientific, educational, literary, and humane charitable purposes of this corporation are to research and develop, design and produce, and field test and distribute, facilitate and mentor ways to apply best developmental Autism practices and resources in ethical relation to people with Autism and our family and professional providers across our lifespans.

Our current mission goals are to: 1) create an online brokerage of radical Autism information that represents other ways of knowing its mutual impacts, 2) deliver adaptive Autism resource materials at low or no cost online to public, private and home program providers, 3) stream live adult life activities online to demonstrate the practical use of those skills training materials in a Autism inclusive visual lifestyle model site and 4) to promote more inclusive able-allied story-telling that facilitates peer mentoring by and of people with Autism and our family and professional providers.

(formerly THRESHOLD 1992-2012, now a registered DBA)