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Along with providing outside alternative knowledge resources, we have accummulated a wealth of visual information and field-based best developmental Autism practice materials that we are going to rotate annually and as open source resources for the Autism community.

These will include samples of

Individually assessed and structured work and play activity systems that both verbal/social and visual/asocial thinkers can use and understand across home, school, work, and community

Thematic Educational Materials that reveal and connect the meaning of real objects, representations objects, images, and words for younger minds with and without Autism.

Written mutual story texts that have helped us bridge the diverse sensory, adaptive, situational, emotive and so particular perspectival distances that only appear to divide us as people with and without Autism--but do not once we are literally on the same page.

Mutually soothing, relaxing, balancing, and mentoring strategies for parents, professionals living and working in a what can quickly become mutually healing relatonships with people with and without Autism who need calm adult guides and relaxed environments to learn best.